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We advocate sustainable living. We hope to disrupt our current relationship with the environment and foster social change while learning through experiences.

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At NerdDNA, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of social responsibility, ensuring that all of our experiences align with the United Nations Sustainability Goal. In particular, we are dedicated to supporting Target 12.8: Promoting Universal Understanding of Sustainable Lifestyles. Join us on our mission to create a better future for all through sustainable living.

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Unique Face 2 Face Experiences

We will have a great time on any  of my tours and workshops


Vegan Food Crawl in Artsy Brooklyn

$60  2.5 Hours 6+

~~ You'll Find ~~

Unique Online Experiences

Due to COVID and the current state of the world, we have been forced to stay indoors and stay safe. This doesn't mean the fun or learning has to stop. Thanks to advanced technology we can still interact, learn, and have fun as if we were all in the same room. Our online experiences focus on sustainable initiatives while helping to build digital villages.


Chat, Drink and Draw Party

 $6  2.5 Hours 15

Plant Propagation Staycation in my Plant Station

$22  2.5 Hours 15

~~ You'll Find ~~

Unique Experiences for Children & Young Adults

We will have a great time on any  of my tours and workshops


Vegan Soap Making for Young Adults

(Sustainability Workshops)

$ Inquire  3 Hours 5+

After School and Staggering Day Tutoring

(Online and In-Person) DOE Certified *

$30 - $50 3 Hours $4+

~~ Social Distancing and Mobile Visits ~~

Unique Experiences for events and personal engagements

Can't come to my studio? Or you're not interested in video conferencing with strangers? I can come to your space, and we can connect privately. This is a women-owned, women-run business with 10 years of experience in events and catering. workshops are great for beauty events, game night, date night, girls night, bridal and baby showers, birthday celebrations, and much more! Get in touch today about our mobile catering services!


Pop-Up Bars

Inquire 2.5+ Hours 4+

Mobile Experiences

Inquire 2.5 +Hours 2+

We create awesome memories

Not just for the photo, but for the mind-body and soul. These unique experiences help you learn while triggering the dopamine satisfaction you need to feel good about your time well spent. If you chose any of these experiences you came here to learn something, but these journeys go beyond learning what you anticipated, we want you to learn and connect with the present. Because anything after the present is the past and a memory.

Here you have some awesome activities. Take a look at our Portfolio/Gallery!



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