I'm Gina the founder of NerdDNA, a brand that promotes sustainable living.

I’m an MIS major that transitioned into marketing in a time when event marketing created epic experiences. In the midst of my career, I decided to be the change I wanted to see throughout my worldly missions. Currently, I’m a passionate humanitarian that serves impoverished neighborhoods as a 6th-grade science teacher. As an advocate, of sustainability, I hope to disrupt our current relationship with the environment and foster social change while having a little fun. Which ads the perfect and complete vacation experience. My goal is to help everyone be their own change agent one by one.

It is my love for natural products, and passion for helping people, and the environment that inspires all the experiences I create and share. I've lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and have been vegan 6. I know self-sustainability starts with your diet and ends with a conscious solution to food justice. My Instagram and site are dedicated to sustainable living.

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