You have a choice of herbs for your herbal smoking blends, each serving a specific bodily function.

We will start with an introduction, some herbs of interest, and then break into smaller groups

We will discuss the functions and benefits of each dry herb. We will then discuss smoking blend ratios, choosing the main mediums to blend with, along with their pros and cons.

These mediums can be weed, cigarettes, and hemp.

We will also speak on multiple smoking tools or devices, their pros and cons.

Each group will come up with their own signature blends.

As you craft, I will talk about the pros and cons of vaporizing vs smoking, and the combustion temperatures for the herbs we are using. (Vaporizing warms plant material enough to release its beneficial compounds without creating harmful combustion).

In total, you will take home a smoking blend kit, 2 personally rolled herbal smoking blends, & a wealth of newfound information. Most importantly we will discover a whole world of smoking leisurely that doesn't involve cigarettes.

What I'll provide: Dry Herbs, Packaging, Papers, Grinder and Mortar grinding machine

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