Your skin is your largest organ. Treat it with the best ingredients.

Learn it, Make It, Use it

This is an immersive experience where you will not only learn about the art of soap making. But you will also learn about the benefits of using natural ingredients to make vegan soap.

We will discuss the different popular processes, and the main carrier oils—olive, coconut, and palm.

This is a very informative experience and you will be guided patiently the entire process. You can personalize your batch by selecting from a variety of scents and herbs. Making soap is easy to do once you have made it with a pro. You will leave here knowing how to make your own soap in the future, including recipes and resources, like where to find supplies online, off and in your backyard.

What else you should know

The soap you create will need to cure for24 hrs before it becomes solid and ready for use. You will take the soap him with you the same day. For an extra Fee I can bring the experience to your party.


Introduce each other
Discus our soap preferences and regimens
Understand ingredients uses and purposes
Prepare ingredients
Pour and Mix
Mix and Mold
Discuss Soap Alternatives
Un mold Soap
Discuss supply sources

What I’ll provide
Local Delicacies. light bites
Water, Juice, and Tea
Ingredients & tools

What to bring
Bring a notebook to take down notes

2 Hours

Bedstuy – Bushwhick, Brooklyn

Will update as soon as booking is made. Locations depend on dates. If you’re not happy with location please request refund immediately.

*If any locations ever change please look out for communication


Group Size
There are 8-10  spots available on this experience. Please inquire about larger groups
This experience does not include alcohol unless otherwise stated. Only guests who meet the legal drinking age will be served alcoholic beverages.
This booking is eligible for a full refund within 24 hours, of making booking. Or if your booking is more than 30 days out. So this means the only way you qualify for a Refund is within 24 hours of booking. OR, If you booked months out and your event is more than 30 days away.
You are required to fully prepay for the “fixed price” services after booking this appointment. This appointment isn’t valid until payment is received. Your booking is for one person unless otherwise stated.
I’m a firm believer of #Zerowaste therefore please be mindful of ingredient usage when creating