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We advocate sustainable living. We hope to disrupt our current relationship with the environment and foster social change while learning through experiences.

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I take conscious sustainability topics, and turn them into fun and engaging experiences.

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Unique Face 2 Face Experiences

We will have a great time on any  of my tours and workshops


The Art of The Roll

$45  1.0 Hour 6

Vegan Soap Making for Beginners (Sustainability Workshops)

$35  2 Hours 15

Tour Sustainable Foods

$50  2.5 Hours 6

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Unique Experiences for Children & Young Adults

We will have a great time on any  of my tours and workshops


Vegan Soap Making for Young Adults

(Sustainability Workshops)

$ Inquire  3 Hours 5+

After School and Staggering Day Tutoring

(Online and In-Person) DOE Certified *

$30 - $50 3 Hours $4+

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Unique Experiences for events and personal engagements

Can't come to my studio? Or you're not interested in video conferencing with strangers? I can come to your space, and we can connect privately. This is a women-owned, women-run business with 10 years of experience in events and catering. workshops are great for beauty events, game night, date night, girls night, bridal and baby showers, birthday celebrations, and much more! Get in touch today about our mobile catering services!


Pop-Up Bars

Inquire 2.5+ Hours 4+

Mobile Experiences

Inquire 2.5 +Hours 2+

We create awesome memories

Not just for the photo, but for the mind-body and soul. These unique experiences help you learn while triggering the dopamine satisfaction you need to feel good about your time well spent. If you chose any of these experiences you came here to learn something, but these journeys go beyond learning what you anticipated, we want you to learn and connect with the present. Because anything after the present is the past and a memory.

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My experiences connects you on foot to the history, culture, and knowledge of some popular sustainable topics. The goal is to make people more aware of how sustainable their lifestyle can be, through experience. My food tours provide an enlightening look at the local, health conscious scene in a variety of popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn through it’s communities, talented chefs, restaurateurs, local shops, and artisans.

Explore an all expense global culinary food crawl with cuisines inspired from different countries Step into a Japanese style sushi shack. Pick the right day and catch a traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Go behind the cities most well known venue to get a taste of a popular middle eastern snack. Settle at a bakery with vegan and gluten free only options. Go behind-the-scenes of Brooklyn's growing artist community. Take a peek at the future of the cities food scene with our most innovative neighborhoods.

Our workshops are are based solely on connecting like minds, helping one another, and exploring more natural and holistic options. Join this tribe.

You are what you eat.

One of the first steps to self sustainability is our diets and our diet has a major affect, on our emotional and physical state. Without understanding who we are individually, and what our diet requires. We are subconsciously leading our bodies blindly. On my food tours we discuss a lot of these topics and more.

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Your skin is your body's largest and fastest-growing organ.

Our skin is our bodies coat. It protects us. It helps us stay warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. But no matter what season it is, our pores open and close all day. And that makes us vulnerable to opportunistic germs and toxins. What we allow on our skin affects us externally and internally. So it's extremely important to know whats coming in contact with your skin, because a lot of what we come in contact with causes serious harm.

Learn More About Vegan Soap Making:

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Sustainable business owners have found a way to make money and help end waste. Why are you still supporting old business models?

Our environment belongs to us, so we should be supportive to the proper initiatives that keep our earth greener. Knowing your neighborhood sustainable businesses and brands is a great way to be more sustainable. The most reliable promotion is word of mouth so as I share locations with my guests, I hope they pay it forward.

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26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes end up in landfills yearly. How do we even have space for new clothes?

"Out of sight out of mind" is a key quote, when it comes to sustainable fashion, but the reality is that all of the fashion we've thrown away in our lifetime has't gone anywhere. So I guess my question is, "Why are we still buying new fashion"? Especially fashion that can turn against us and wreak havoc on our bodies.

Our second brain is in Our Gastrointestinal Systems

The goal is to analyze our relationship with our gut and our mood, weight, and overall health.

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