Vegan Soap Making

This is an immersive experience where you will not only learn the art basics of soap making. But you will also learn about the benefits of using natural ingredients to make vegan soap and healthier alternatives to your soap usage overall. I also have many different antibacterial ingredients to add to your soap. 

We will discuss the different popular processes, and the main carrier oils—olive, coconut, and palm. Closing out with the environmental impacts of soap and its use of plastic packaging.

This is a very informative experience and you will be guided patiently through the entire process. You can personalize your batch by selecting from a variety of scents and herbs provided.

Making soap is easy to do once you have made it with a pro. You will leave here knowing how to make your own soap, including recipes and resources, like where to find supplies online, off and in your backyard.

Neon Sign Making

We are making Neon signage with LED’s because it’s FUN and green. We mount them on various sizes of wood, depending on what available.

Compared with traditional glass neon lights, neon wall lights are brighter and more beautiful and are not easily damaged and broken, no noise, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Reducing energy consumption is one way to go green. Another is to reduce the amount of toxic materials released into the environment.

I am really excited about sharing this workshop, and I expect it to fill to capacity. This is a popular event with limited seating, and occasionally a waiting list. This event is great for small groups, big groups in large spaces, date night, and also makes a perfect gift. We can meet at my studio, or I can come to your space. Traveling fees not included in the price. 

Location Options

You and your guests have up to 2 weeks after purchasing this item to book an appointment, and up to 6 months from the booking date to attend the booked appointment. You are allowed one free reschedule, with 1-week advance notice. Any other reschedules are  $30.00.

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