Common Soapmaking Oils

Soybean Oil – 3 months if refrigeratedSoybean oil has a creamy, stable, and conditioning lather. It produces a hard bar of soap when paired with palm or coconut oil. It’s typically used at 50% or less in cold process recipes. We recommend a usage rate of up to 15%. Flaxseed Oil – 6 monthsFlaxseed oil is lightweight and a rich

Soap Alternatives

Shampoo   SULFATE FREE! Gluten free. Fragrance free. Vegan. Conditioning shampoo. Safe for color treated hair & reduces fading. — Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Soap Nuts / Soap Berries! — NaturOli’s “EXTREME hair” formulas are the fastest growing, all-natural shampoos in the US! Proprietary Ayurvedic formula rinses clean leaving hair tangle-free & manageable with

Making Your Soap Base

Why use melt and pour soap? It’s quick and easy, premixed bases that have all the scary work done already. This is perfect for those who are busy and who want to make their own lavender soap fast. The base is already pre-made and you don’t have to deal with lye! It’s similar to having