DIY Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit: $40.00 + $8.00 s/h


Includes 2 Essential Oils,

1 Mica Pigmentation,

1 Plastic Molds

Your own Soap Set | All Natural, Handmade, and Homemade, the design options are unlimited.

|1lb Glycerin Soap BaseMake

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Monthly Soap Club Subscription $3.00


$3.00 the first Month (Trial) and $8.00 a month after.

Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.’ True soap is created by mixing together oils or fats and lye. The reaction that takes place is called saponification and the result is a combination of soap and glycerin.

Don’t worry about looking for the right soap to nourish your skin. Don’t worry about whether there are nasty toxins in your soap. Let us take care of your healthy soap needs, we are here to deliver you TRUE soap when you're too busy for the investigation.

Floral Smudge Stick Sage Bundles  (1) $9.00 +5.00 s/h

Handmade with loving intention...removes negative vibrations of any kind, replacing them with a positive higher energy frequency & sooo much LOVE...✨

  • Handmade, hand-rolled, no Amazon re-sale
  • sage - negative energy clearing
  • rosemary — protection
  • lavender — calming
  • rose petals — meditation + calming + attracts love
  • Calendula - 
  • Carnation - 
  • Thyme dispels melancholy, hopelessness, and other mellow but negative vibrations. Pair it with cinnamon sticks and it raises the spiritual and protective levels while stimulating personal psychic and physical energy.

♥Handmade products may vary slightly from the picture shown.
♥White Sage & Palo Santo are sustainably harvested.

How Many Bundles?

If you'd like to CashAPP ($nerddna) or Venmo (@nerddna) $

Herbal Blended Pre Rolls (Pack of 5 ) $20

Buying our smoking blends pre-rolled is a great way to experience our flavors in a convenient package.

Pre-roll packs come in packs of 5 , 10, and 15 or 30 in a jar.

  • 5 for $20
  • 10 for $37.00
  • 15 for $55
  • 30 for $105

How Many Pre Rolls ?

NerdDNA Ceramic Mug $20.00


Perfect for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, this classic shape white, durable ceramic mug in the most popular size.

High-quality sublimation printing makes it an appreciated gift to every true hot beverage lover. .:

White ceramic .:

11 oz (0.33 l) .:

Rounded corners .:

C-Handle Color: White

Price: $20.00